Tuesday, 26 February 2008

More graphs! Contain thy excitement.

Got a little particle swarm optimiser going, and now searching for near-optimal stances is a lot quicker.

After quite a bit of tweaking, I think the combat system is resembling what I want. There are a few non-linearities in the system, but I quite like them. They add a little mystery to the system without really getting in the way of the transparency.

I also fiddled with the nomenclature a bit, replacing 'damage' in the stance with 'power' to remove some naming collisions. In these little diagrams, red dots are high power (previously damage) stances, green is high accuracy, and blue is high speed. Again, one set is optimised for long term efficiency, whilst the other is designed to minimise number of actions.

Accuracy no longer has any effect on armour penetration. This'll be the realm of weapon properties and special combat techniques. Without these, combatants must rely on the damage multiplier from high power stances to batter through damage soak.

Still tweaking to go, but I'm happy with how things are looking. Some additional fiddling to tweak numbers to fit the right magnitudes, and it'll be good.

Right, sleep.

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