Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Eventually, I got bored at fiddling half-heartedly with the planning AI and decided to do something with more immediate results.

So now the action and timing stuff are wodged into the game! I can now pilot a little green blob about a level, hacking at little orange blobs that immediately respawn, and... well, that's about it actually.

Suprisingly, this lack of progress took quite some time. I elected to multithread the game, not for performance reasons, but because it made accepting player input in a turn based situation somewhat easier. The game logic thread simply blocks until sensible input is received, leaving the rendering thread to do its thing. This may well cause plenty of problems down the line, but for now it's a simple solution that (sorta) works.

Now where to go from here... the console needs to be implemented and hooked up to the UI. Loads of actions need to be implemented. The conflict resolution system needs to be used, and behind it the associated basic system mechanics. Pathfinding is almost certainly still kaput, last I checked it liked driving the AI into walls. Random dungeons. Saving. Ah, and that's just the teeny tip of the iceberg. Gotta love making games.

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