Thursday, 20 November 2008

Splish... splish...

Hey, WoW hasn't consumed my soul entirely! Or maybe it's just not finished digesting it.

Or possibly a darker entity already laid claim on it, in exchange for a Mars bar and some ruled paper in an unholy pact outside a lecture theatre many, many years ago.

Anyway, li'l update. I added water tiles and subsequently a crappy water shader (it can and will be much better... no refraction, no depth-based fog, no falloff in the shallows, no influence from the deferred lights, no dynamic interactions... the list of things currently missing goes on).

I also added a rock, and changed the previous mushroom mesh to look a bit less rock-like, and spent some time tidying up a few bits of code that just couldn't be ignored any longer. Experimented a bit with different distributions for the instanced clutter - mushrooms are now more likely to occur near water, and rocks tend to be scattered around natural walls.


Ewan said...

As I recall, it was for a couple of sheets of unlined paper in a Biology of Cells practical. The Mars Bar and a can of Coke was t'Ho.

Very pretty, btw.

Snut said...

Well, you should know, but I'm sure food was involved. Food would be a far more worthy thing to fritter a soul away on, rather than materials for a biology practical that was almost certainly a complete waste of time.

Ewan said...

I think you just wanted it to doodle on whilst bored, actually. Though I could be wrong. Time has mercifully wiped much of BoC from my mind.