Thursday, 27 November 2008

When in doubt, add random useless stuff

New bit o'fluff. I'm beginning to think that I'll need a better way of scattering general clutter - maybe something based around blue noise, there's a nice paper on using such point sets for placement of objects. A data driven way to specify new clutter objects also seems increasingly logical.

Shadows on meshes are behaving weirdly, with lots of banding and acne despite using the same algorithm as the terrain (which works fine in most cases). Oh, and I broke text rendering... whee.

Games are hard, eye candy is easy, nothing ever works as it should.


Jotaf said...

Wow it's looking great! I really like the perspective there. It looks like it has tons to explore. It's a little creepier than your latest shots too. And I thought my RL was looking good! :P

Another thing, about, is that alpha support is so "intuitive" that it can be hard to even notice it. It's built into the regular tools, so you use the eraser to set alpha=0, and everything else sets alpha to something>0. So it can be easy to not notice that and dismiss it as not having that feature.

(*) Although it may seem hard to believe, I'm not affiliated with in any way :)

orillian said... is a decent paint app. I'm not a full time user, but I have dropped into it a couple times to get a small edit done to a banner or a web pic etc. it's done what I've needed every time.

On a side note: Glad to see your updating again. :) The latest changes are starting to look pretty good.


jsaul said...

re. blue noise: what paper? :)

jsaul said...

I'm guesssing

author = {Ares Lagae and Philip Dutr É},
title = {A procedural object distribution function},
journal = {ACM Transactions on Graphics},
year = {2005},
volume = {24},
pages = {1442--1461}

Snut said...

Actually would be the one I was thinking of, but I'll have to go check that other example *g*