Monday, 18 January 2010

May Have Been Driven Mad By Sparkles.

OK, I deliberately pushed the particles way into HDR territory to get the bloom filter to explode. And there are too many particles to start with, this was supposed to be a collection of gently background fluff (fireflies, dust, magical plankton... that kinda thing).

I was playing with the property browser thing for the particle material and accidentally changed the wrong digit in a colour (0.9 -> 9.9, easy enough to do). At this point I think a bit of my mind snapped, so here we have CRAZY sparkles, whirling in madness.

Those not blinded by sparkles may note that the player now has a trail of arrows, showing the last ten moves. Although the final intention is to display only the actions of the current turn (thanks Jotaf! This idea is really growing on me), a possible extension to display a limited action history may also be useful. It might help in making the AI behaviour more transparent to the player, or maybe just as a hint as to where an entity might be if it dives out of line-of-sight.

1 comment:

Jotaf said...

Sooooo, pixie dust makes you heal faster? :)

I'm glad you liked the idea, I've been considering it for a while! But since you have a much better chance of making it work than me (my pace of development right now is slow as hell) I think it's in good hands ;)

BTW I always thought it was kinda obvious, it's implied in numerous games already. So in a sense it's nothing new really, just using it in a new context.