Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Further Transparency

Particle systems using the new translucency-faking also work now.

So what do they do well?

  • Completely order independent
  • Lit (with fully deferred light sources)
  • Shadowed
  • One rendering method for all translucent objects

And what do they do badly?

  • Look like arse when the camera is inside the smoke volume
  • Perform like arse when the camera is near the smoke volume (fill rate bound? Yick!)
  • Hideous sharp edges to blurred regions
  • Blur is more obvious than transparent areas with low alpha
  • Alpha quantisation very visible at low alpha
Ugh. I'm not sure I like the balance of pro/con there.

A block of smoke using the technique. No approximated scattering yet, so light sources look a bit strange at present.

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