Friday, 30 May 2008

Cavern discoveries

One thing I love about procedural content in a project, is that you discover little things that just look... interesting. Of course, making them actually interesting, or even consistently aesthetically pleasing, is a huge challenge.

I discovered this little shelf in the cavern ceiling and thought it was interesting enough to screenshot. Maybe I'm weird.

Regardless, it's a bit easier to see the normal mapping in this shot... might even consider parallax mapping for close bits like this... and it also displays some of the ugly stretching artefacts characteristic of triplanar texture mapping. The floor is currently very prone to such horrors, and I suspect they'll plague the project from now on. I suspect I can massage my normal generation to minimise them, but we'll see.

This weekend, it's my aim to venture into the very scary world of Blender to make some clutter. Rocks, mushrooms, bizarrely verdant foliage... the world needs Stuff!

What I'd really like to do is get some placeholder monsters, items and the like in there. I fear such is waaay beyond my negligible talent though.

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