Tuesday, 3 June 2008

More screenies o'doom

So, because we all know how fascinating empty caves are, here's some more screenshots. Of course, I got no modelling done at all over the weekend, electing instead to laze about and play games. D'oh. Just pretend that green sphere is some neat player model, and the yellow ones are hideous monsters. Do it.

Anyway, specular! It's overdone for testing purposes, but it does make the surfaces more interesting (if less realistic).

Next, a more Roguelike view of the environment. The top of the cavern has been lopped off, and a hacky bit of shader code put in place to blend the tops of walls/pillars to black. Eww. Still, this is the main option for RL gameplay, and it'd be quite easy to do something less hideous.

All 'round, there's a real need for shadows and a lot to be done to reduce the ambient lighting etc. plus the top-down view obviously needs the texture scaling fiddled with. There are many interesting questions still with the rendering, such as how to handle different terrain types, important features, environmental lighting, water, terrain destruction... oooh, it makes me all tingly and afeared.

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