Monday, 7 July 2008

Messing with Blender

Using the sculpt tool with high tesselation via multires occasionally causes this poor ailing laptop to crash, with varying degrees of severity. Still, managed to convert one of my concept sketches into a rough hi-poly model, ready for conversion to a game mesh via the lovely retopo tool.

I still think Blender has a pretty abysmal interface, but I am at least getting more used to it's craziness. With more time, fewer crashes and maybe a little time on a better computer I think it'll serve. I might even become nearly-competent with it.

Anyway, this is a low-level monster. It's basically a little sack of flesh and eyes and tentacles, drifting around the cave system using some gas bags for flotation. A lot of the mindless monsters will be the product of crude astral vitality and the warping nature of magic, and expecting them to make physical or biological sense is probably asking a bit too much.


rockpaperdynamite said...

I think most will settle for kewl/freaky and that definitely is. The next most important aspect is a decent chance at guessing its combat attributes/scariness factor.

Very nice work. Had any thoughts for its name?

Snut said...

Thanks! Good point about guessing its relative scariness, probably something I should pay more attention to in a concious manner.

As to the name, eh, I'm terrible with them. My significant other refers to it as the Tentacle Mouse, presumably due to the floatation sacks looking a bit like mouse ears (?). I'll have to settle on some sensible names before exporting the game-ready meshes I think...