Friday, 4 July 2008


I apologise for the lack of lighting, but as I haven't gotten around to making the normal map equivalents it seemed best. This is just a simple way to add extra variation to the dungeon, by doing a crazy version of texture splatting basically lifted wholesale from here (the post on the 10th April, can't find a direct link to the appropriate post).

At the moment, the blend weightings (violent primary colours above) are simply normalised fBm output, but adding in some stuff based on local environment should give far nicer results... some moss growth around water, for example, and sand/mud under the water level. Anyway, these are used to control the placement of four textures (other half of the above image). You can see the red corresponds to my original ground texture, green is a mossy muddy thing, and blue is some dry earth stuff. I'll hopefully get a better picture with normal maps and generally nicer textures up soon.

To diverge into a rant briefly, OpenGL support under Vista (ugly ugly ugly Vista) is shocking, at least for my nasty Intel chipset. To add insult to injury, there's no tex2Dgrad equivalent under GLSL even on my shiny desktop hardware, which will make some of my planned shaders a complete PITA to implement. So expect to see fewer pretty screenshots and more waxing lyrical about things like dungeon generation in the near future...

Right, I'm off to a weekend of Dwarf Fortress and beer.

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