Sunday, 19 February 2012

2D Is Easier

Annoyed with my inability to find a nice way to create 3D tiles, I made a little tiny tile-editor for the 2D version.

Everything's so much easier in 2D. Ah well.


I added some water and grass tiles, but not enough for a new post. Trying to do something in the spirit of pixel art but that is amenable to rotation around 60 degree increments (and requiring less in the way of raw talent). I think I might need to try flat colour polygons and a finer subidivision, but it's an interesting clean look.


Jotaf said...

Yes, no matter how much the doom of 2D was heralded a few years back, it will never die because of how much it simplifies things :)

About your previous post, I think you can have very interesting walls with a minimum of combinations. Just divide the hexagon into 6 corners, and have 1 mesh per corner. (Each mesh goes from the middle of a face to the middle of another face).

The number of combinations drops immediately: you only need 1 concave mesh, and 1 convex mesh, for the 2 corner types that arise. (Just see the neighborhood of a corner: it can be 3 wall tiles or 3 floor tiles, in which cases you don't need a mesh; 1 wall + 2 floors, a convex corner mesh; and 2 walls + 1 floor, a concave corner mesh.)

Basically this would cut down on the work you need to create new wall types, so you'd be free to create more mesh variants and combine them, making for more natural caves and all that :)

Snut said...

Ack, there's a whole slew of games that are intrinsically 2D, and it does make many things so much simpler.

Roguelikes are definitely among those, but I do yearn for something a bit Eye-of-the-Beholdery at times! Legend of Grimrock cannot be released soon enough.

As for the alternative meshing scheme... that's genius! The dual mesh is much, much easier to deal with, and although there might still be fiddly bits getting the geometry to line up, it'll be so much easier with only two or three mesh types rather than 12.

Hah, I feel a bit of an idiot for creating the other meshes now, but it's nice to feel the problem is tractable again. Thanks! :)