Monday, 27 February 2012


Decided it was time to fling some deferred rendering at the project, because who doesn't like taking huge chunks of VRAM to do simple things? Thanks to Jotaf's comments last week, I have a much easier method for making and rendering walls, so it only took a few minutes of Blender-torture to generate new ones.

The question of style is one I haven't resolved yet, alas. Making tech is far, far easier than trying to hang a scene together as a coherent whole. I know the cultural roots the game world will draw from, but not whether to go for a cell-shaded or painterly or somewhat realistic approach. The latter is probably most tedious in terms of rendering tech and modelling, but is almost certainly the easier to at least rough out textures based on photographic sources.

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notostraca said...

Cel-shading and voxel graphics seem to work great: Here's Minecraft with them added on. I would love to see a cel-shaded "hexel" game, personally. You could use a different, less cartoon-y style of textures than the one in that video, of course.